Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 Is Back – Solid Branding Event

https://www.undercover.co.id  –  This year, Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 comes back present for a week started from 22 to 28 October 2016. The event which is opened by the Vice Governor of Jakarta, Djarot Syaiful Hidayat accompanied by the Head of Bekraf, Triawan Munaf, will feature hundreds of designers from Indonesia and internationally along with their best artworks and masterpieces in a fashion celebration party event that is held every year and it becomes the world attention. A total of 73 fashion shows from 220 local and foreign designers will be featured at this event.

The Ambience of Fashion Tent Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, full of fshion enthusiasts and fashion practioners.

“Senayan City consistently provides a place for new talents in the fashion industry in Indonesia. It is an honor for us for the 4th time be able to host a grand fashion event, the largest in Southeast Asia, “said Veri Y. Setiady, CEO of Senayan City during a press conference held at the Atrium Mall Senayan City, Jakarta.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 Is Back – Solid Branding Event – fotoby jktfw

Various fashion labels will carry out sales transactions in business to business (B2B) and retail transactions (B2C), and the rise of creativity of the young designers will be seen on the runway Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. This event has the support of the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, Bekraf, Government of DKI Jakarta, Dekranasda Jakarta, Culture and Tourism Office of Jakarta, as well as business partners such as Wardah, L’oreal, Top coffee and many more.


Designers are posing with background of icon of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. They are part of the Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF), which this program has led more than 40 designers about the intricacies of the fashion business until they have the means to be a global player.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 Is Back – Solid Branding Event – foto by jktfw


Traveling style A la Lojel

Lojel – international brand that manufactures suitcase, luggage and travel accessories, today introduced its flagship store as a travel ware boutique in Indonesia with the concept of modern industrial. The room that combines the warmth of wood material, concrete and iron styled as industrial, then, supported by warm lighting, combined with display of Lojel’s various products collections which have the tone of fresh colors, makes Lojel boutique providing inspiration and adventure for every traveler.

“The most interesting from the world of traveling is to see the world from a new perspective. It is also what we want to give to a traveler when entering Lojel boutique. A traveler will see a suitcase and bag in a new perspective and appreciate the unique designs offered by Lojel. The space design should be echoing traveling inspiration and searching for the right bag in accordance with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. This is the way Lojel want to closely link the Lojel product style with traveling style.” Said Dimax Pradi, General Manager of Lojel Indonesia.

lajol – foto by private lajol

Lojel Indonesia’s first flagship store is located on the ground floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue with an area of 107 m2. Dimax added Lojel selected a mall in the area of Kuningan because it has a strategic location, premium market and supported by the concept of the modern mall from the interior design. This is in line with the brand character of Lojel.

In the first inauguration of this boutique, Lojel held a photo exhibition in collaboration with the photographer Jacky Suharto, who featured six moments of Lojel Traveler with many professions, such as Ajeng Dewi Swastiari, Amalia & Hogi Wirjono, Amanda and Janna Soekasah, Dipha Barus, Kimokal, and Reuben Elishama. It can be seen in the photo that the selection of the Lojel type influences their traveling style and the style of the traveler. Does the person is the casual or business traveler? all looked stylish.

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Griselda Sastrawinata, Great Indonesian Animator Behind the Disney’s film “Moana”

Now, the potential of creative people in Indonesia will no longer be underestimated, Griselda Sastrawinata, for example. Griselda is being the only female artist working in a large world corporate, Walt Disney Animation Studios. In fact, Griselda is involved in the newest Disney animated film, Moana.


Griselda took the role as a visual development artist. There, she worked in the making of background and tapa illustration of Moana movie. She has joined Walt Disney Animation Studios over the past year, after waiting for nine years.

“When informed that I could join in this project, I was thrilled. No longer thought of whether I was the only animator woman from Indonesia or not. I just focused on providing the best, “said an alumni of Pelita Harapan.

Nevertheless, the woman who is now choosing to settle in Pasadena, California admitted it was not an easy career in a company that has been established since the 1923’s. Plus, Moana is her first debut in Disney.

“The entire process in this film (Moana) was very long, about five years. Not just because of the details, but also in-depth research. While all the crew worked in many teams. So that, we including me, at VDA division, must focused on the target deadline in order not to complicate the other divisions,” she explained.

During her visit to Indonesia this time, Griselda not only on duty to promote the latest Disney movie Moana, but also in order to share knowledge through animation workshop for 500 participants consisting of filmmakers, movie maker, students, and bloggers in Indonesia.


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Marvel Promotes Doctor Strange in IMAX with Unique Ways

Many ways can be done in which the film industry promoting their films. Started from the release of the trailer, creating interactive websites, or by conventional means such as TV ads, billboards, and posters on the streets. However, what is done by Marvel Studios to promote superhero movie Doctor Strange for IMAX is quite unique and reap the admiration. Through augmented reality technology, Marvel Studios invites people to enjoy the experience being a superhero like Doctor Strange.

marvel movie

Foto: YouTube

Doctor Strange, in Marvel world, is one of the most powerful wizards with a lot of ability, such projecting and manipulating energy, transforming substances, and opening a portal to teleport.

Utilizing augmented reality technology, Marvel Studios puts a special display screen with this technology in some major cities such as Los Angeles and London. Using these screens, people can try these two forces of Doctor Strange, which are manipulating reality and opening portal.

At the beginning, people were ignorant, thinking it’s only the display for regular advertising, but once someone tried, in a minute, the display becomes crowded and many people want to try.

Augmented reality and virtual reality become popular lately used by companies to promote their goods and contents. Those two things seemed powerful enough to enchant the consumer, be viral and be the hot topic of conversation.


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